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Stamp duty, not to be forgotten

You purchase a business, it feels like a bargain……..until you realise how much stamp duty you have to pay. How can you structure your purchase in the most effective way? You have two basic options – purchasing assets, or shares in a company. Simple choice, but the effects can turn an appealing offer into a disappointing result! A lot of people don’t realise when they set out to buy a business, just how much stamp duty might be payable. The amount will depend on the location of the business being acquired, where the clients are located and whether you buy...
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What are the latest trends in work place automation?

Cloud base services (Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service and Software as a service) has opened up a number of traditional professions to new and improved services as workplace automation is becoming simpler to implement for many businesses. Today several businesses have adopted prepopulating client forms from data already held in their business critical systems to demonstrate to their clients they already know about them and as a business they can provide an improved client experience. Businesses can access client preferences and behaviors stored in the systems to package products and the services they want easily to their...
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About that business plan?…

Although business planning is a widely discussed and written about topic, I come across many businesses that don’t have a formal business plan that is reviewed, monitored and used as an effective management tool in the day to day running of a business. So why bother with a business plan when many businesses have got by without one? In these cases, often the plan is ‘in the head’ of the business owner or a core team of managers in a small business can informally run a business plan through regular meeting and discussion. However, business planning proponents will always quote Winston Churchill...
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Start Up Advisors- do they nature your nurture?

Start-Up Advisors – do they Nurture your Nature? One of the oldest arguments in the history of psychology is the Nature vs. Nurture debate. However, what if I told you that the success of start-ups does not relate to the conflicting debate of nature vs nurture but in-fact start-ups need to nurture the nature. To be successful as a start-up, you need to have a naturally innovative idea, one that disrupts your industry. However, even more importantly is how this idea is nurtured and evolved into a successful business. The nurturing becomes an important part of the start-up life-cycle, and...
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Peters & Partners

Change brings great opportunity, it’s something we’ve all had to embrace recently and we are excited to let you know of the changes we have made to continue to grow and develop our services to you, our valued clients, and provide opportunities for our team members.

WE’VE MOVED – to Level 10, Aurora Place 88 Phillip St, Sydney

WE’VE MERGED – Parallel Financial Planning and Henderson Edelstein Accounting have joined us, bringing together a vast array of subject matter experts, and therefore providing you a greater service offering and more knowledge in house.

WE’VE CHANGED OUR NAME – to better reflect the combined business and our business focus, we have rebranded to People and Partners, because we firmly believe people and partnerships produce the greatest success

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you a great experience.