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AFR Article – Extending Services boosts rise of small private outfits


Extract of article below dated Wednesday 29 November 2017 with reference to Peters and Partners


“Acquisitions have been another area of revenue growth for accounting firms, with AZ Next Generation Advisory making four in the past year.

The firm’s accounting division director, Michael Peters, says revenue growth has come from a combination of acquisitions and organic growth.

“We have focused on investing in profitable firms who have an appetite to continue to grow in both size and profitability, and their evolution at a practice level has helped push our overall growth,” Peters says.

The firm has also worked diligently on ensuring corporate governance and strategic implementation of goals.

“We have also worked to help establish and support strategic planning and management with the introduction of quarterly boards and the greater share of corporate knowledge to help advisory firms be more efficient and sustainable,” he says. “A more effective business leads to more effective outcomes for our clients, and it is the efficient delivery of services to all clients that will help continue to grow the overall business.”