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What kinds of things can businesses do to use automation to free up more time for growing their business?


To grow any businesses today – it’s important to ensure the experience any client has with any business is extraordinary. Many businesses have settled with legacy practices because it is what they know best, however businesses that have accepted automating certain parts of their business have substantially re-invented themselves. Introducing a Customer Relationship Management system has transformed the way client servicing occurs. Information flowing from business websites, electronic direct mail campaigns as well as mobile applications in real-time provides snapshots on client behaviours and preferences.

It allows business to reach out to clients and provide:

  • Special offers
  • New arrivals/product and service launches
  • Holiday specials
  • Re-orders
  • Sale reminders

The digital path and the old world path are vastly different. Businesses need to understand the key differences between now and then is that clients nowadays have the digitally connected smarts to build or choose their own experiences. If as a business you are not looking at automating old business practices then as a business you will most likely drive your clients to a business that has automated.

Cloud based services enable a business to outsource back office functions of their business to third parties in a seamless manner. The service providers are able to get scale and provide access to services and experts that have previously only been available to large corporations. These services can include accounting, taxation strategy, human resources, information technology and legal support. The service package available can also be tailored to the size of the business, aspirational goals and levels of growth to ensure appropriate support is provided at each stage of development for the business.

I ha an appointment with a physio yesterday and she made a comment that her training did not include anything on running a business and all physio’s end up running a business. “One of the first subjects that needs to be taught is how to run a business”. Working with a network of experts in a Cloud based environment will take the pressure out of running the business and allow the entrepreneur to focus on driving the business and their passion.

As an example from a finances perspective, cash flow management is crucial for any small business and Cloud based accounting software provides the ability for real time cash flow positions and analysis on income and expenses. By having the entrepreneur and the accountant working with the same data over the web there is no need to send files back and forward and can be real time. This will also involve working with an accountant who is prepared to provide real time data instead of traditional tax compliance which is done when the tax return is due.

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