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What are the latest trends in work place automation?


Cloud base services (Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service and Software as a service) has opened up a number of traditional professions to new and improved services as workplace automation is becoming simpler to implement for many businesses. Today several businesses have adopted prepopulating client forms from data already held in their business critical systems to demonstrate to their clients they already know about them and as a business they can provide an improved client experience. Businesses can access client preferences and behaviors stored in the systems to package products and the services they want easily to their clients, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Traditionally this would have been a manual task for a particular staff member to be either asking the client several questions face-to-face or by phone and maybe even sending out paperwork to clients to complete before returning it for analysis by the business.

Prepopulating client forms is one of many workplace automation activities businesses are performing as the ability to tap into client data stored in business critical systems develops a new vision to traditional workplace practices.

Trends happening today based on software as a service and/or coupled with bespoke services across businesses as clients become more connected are:

  • On-demand self-servicing. Major shift for businesses as this gives clients 24/7 access to products and services through virtual customer service agents.
  • System to system integration removing manual validation of business transactions. Open sourced Application Programming Interfaces transforming how systems talk to each other to eliminate manual business to business functions.
  • Software as a service plug and play applications introduced into business critical systems to allow for system thresholds to be set automatically for write-offs, business rule acceptance or declinature and for solving inoperability problems.
  • Workplace automation across multiple system architectures – HR – Payroll – Finance, Marketing, Sales and wherever there is significant interplay between the organisation and the outside world like electronic marketing campaigns, newsletters, brand awareness messaging.
  • Multi-channel mobility.

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